Thank You for Your Donations

Lorain Lighthouse Donations

This list is our way of thanking individuals, families, organizations and businesses for their monetary donations, material donations or other gifts to the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation.  Thanks to donors like these, the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation is able to cover the expenses for the continued operation and capital improvements of the Lorain Lighthouse and to our endowment fund at the Community Foundation of Lorain County.

If you would like information about making donations, please visit our website – or for our endowment fund, visit –

For 2022

Individual Donations:                                   Donations in Memory of:

Anonymous                                                     None

Bruce Christman

Dziubek Properties, LLC                                Matching Donations:

Chris Held                                                      Nordson Corporate Match

Lakeland Women’s Club

Richard & Marie Schweinberg                       In-Kind Donations:

Brian Snider                                                    BCT Alarm Services, Inc

Barb Wargo                                                     Black River Sewage Treatment Plant

Matt Weisman                                                 Dave Kramer

Michael Zunich                                               Lucas Plumbing

Jennifer Lynn                                                   Nielsen Jewelry

An Evening with Verlon Thompson:          Connect to A Cause

Lois Andreas                                                   Anonymous

John Archer                                                     John Baumgartner

Ron Cocco – Clark & Post Architects            Ron Cocco

Bob & Diane Gradisek                                   Bob & Diane Gradisek

Richard & Roxanne Gradisek                         Henry & Nancy Harsar

Marchey Harrell                                              Deborah Lukotch

John Malanowski                                            Patrick Mahony

Elaine Gradisek McGuinn                              John & Elizabeth Malanowski

Muzik’s Auto Center                                      Ron & Gloria Mantini

Michael Novak                                               Melendez Video Services

Jane Norton

A Special thanks to Bob & Diane Gradisek   Bob & Lori Campana Family

And Ron Cocco for organizing this very        Frank & Carolyn Sipkovsky

Successful fundraiser ($11,033).                    Judy Skillicorn

Steve & Gail Smith

And a very special thanks to Verlon             Deb & Lou Suarez

Thompson for again donating his time           Jonathan Zook

and talent to this fundraiser