The History of the “Jewel of the Port®”

The symbol many people have come to identify with Lorain is the Lorain Lighthouse. Its image has been reproduced thousands of times in photographs, scale models, paintings, postcards, sweatshirts, logos, pins, needlework projects, posters, the covers of the Lorain County phone book, the 1990 state map of Ohio, etc. Standing at the north end of the West Harbor Breakwater in Lorain Harbor, its light is no longer lit, its fog horn no longer sounds, but it remains a silent reminder of Lorain’s historic relationship with Lake Erie shipping.


On June 30, 2017 the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation and the community of Lorain celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Lorain Lighthouse as an Ohio Historical Marker was dedicated to commemorate the occasion.

As part of the celebration year the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation collaborated with the Lorain Public Library to update and publish The History of the Lorain Lighthouse 1917 – 2017.  A copy of that history is available to read online here.

You may order print copies of a B&W version of the history booklet for $5.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling per copy; call Carolyn at  440-960-2301 for details.