Improvements Made

Below is a list of improvements and maintenance made to the Lorain Lighthouse by year.  Also, major purchases made.

Most of the improvements were made by a very dedicated group volunteers who work at the Lighthouse every Thursday during the summer months.

Some of the improvements were made with grant money and donations.


  • Completed maintenance tasks to open the Lighthouse
  • Transported merchandise and set up the gift shop
  • Completed installation of the EcoJohn incinerator system and began operation
  • Installed waste tank
  • Installed new toilet and hooked up the waste line for the toilet
  • Ran new electrical wiring for roof lighting system
  • Contracted for chimney restoration and installation of a liner – transported and monitored the contractors – cost of $13,700
  • Painted the inside walls of the Lighthouse – 1st & 2nd floors
  • Spent one day assisting with the maintenance of the camera system & WiFi
  • Pressure washed the outside of the Lighthouse
  • Repaired the outside water line
  • Contracted for monthly pest control service
  • Repairs to work boat at a cost in excess of $9,000 – caused us to loose 3 weeks of maintenance at the start of the season
  • Lost 3 days of maintenance due to weather
  • Total volunteer hours – 735


  • Put in new incinerator for waste system and removed old waste system
  • Installed a new remote controlled lighting system (8 new led lights on the outside of lighthouse and ran new wiring for these lights)
  • Painted the lighthouse on the outside (20 gals white 20 gals of gray and15 gals of red – it took 2 weeks to paint with bad weather)
  • Contracted for monthly pest control service
  • Put new post in on the east side of lighthouse for boat to dock
  • Finish water line to bathroom
  • Purchased a paint compressor
  • Pressure washed outside of lighthouse
  • Total volunteer hours – 1,065


  • Installation of a Culligan water purification system was completed
  • Received a U.S. Coast guard dress blue uniform donated by Harry Siegfried who was assigned to the Lorain Lighthouse from 1948 to 1949
  • Purchased a cover for the lift
  • Installed ceiling fan in day room
  • Installed new water line to pump water from Lake Erie for washing purposes and tested water tank and plumbing for leaks
  • Pot belly stove added to kitchen – donated by the Lorain Historical Society
  • Added an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) – donated by Ed Oley, CEO, Mercy Health
  • Added five new security cameras
  • Total volunteer hours – 959


  • Purchased a one man lift (Donated by Pat and Sue Mahony )
  • Completed work on third floor museum
  • Completed water tank installation on third floor
  • Painted basement stairs
  • Painted railings on outside of Lighthouse
  • Finished painting the walls in the lantern room
  • Installed electrical conduit for new security system
  • Caulk concrete on outside deck
  • Patched interior walls from water leaks
  • Replace one dock post for boat tie up
  • Total volunteer hours – 882


  • Refinish wooden hand rails on all three floors
  • All inside wood doors varnished
  • Patch brick on chimney
  • Installed gate on west side of Lighthouse
  • New display case by front door
  • Finished work on fog horn display box
  • Installed metal around exterior of fog horn box to prevent leaks
  • Began work on museum on the third floor
  • Began work on water tank installation (ran pipe from basement to third floor, boxed in the pipe & ran electrical wiring)
  • Installed toilet pipe & fan in bathroom
  • Caulk concrete on main deck
  • Replace one dock post for boat tie up
  • Painted half the walls in the lantern room
  • Total volunteer hours – 980


  • New roof on walkway outside of the lantern room (Materials donated by Tusing Builders)
  • Painted railings outside the lantern room  
  • Painted the attic floor
  • Installed a reproduction of the fog horn mechanisms located in the attic (Fog horn donated by Mike Zunich)
  • Installed new hand railings on the stairway leading to attic and basement
  • Sanded & painted the upper metal kitchen cabinet
  • Purchased new bunk bed for bedroom
  • Built a water tank in attic
  • Painted railings outside on the main deck
  • Added new security and WiFi system (Grant from Lorain Rotary Club Prucha fund)


  • Purchased and installed 20 new window shades
  • Brought the original electric generator to the Lighthouse from Riverside building
  • Replaced plaster at sights of water damage on all floors
  • Painted all rooms from the attic to the basement (grant from the Stocker Foundation)
  • Installed new LED light fixtures at the exterior of the Lighthouse
  • Purchased and installed new screen doors
  • Built a new wood cabinet with sink in kitchen
  • Refinished the doors on 2nd Floor
  • Painted the floors in bathroom and tool room
  • Relocated the compost toilet from tool room to original bathroom and improved the operation of the compost toilet
  • Replaced the shutter dogs,
  • Received & installed plaques from the National Register of Historical Places & Lorain County Landmark designation
  • Hosted the celebration for the 100th  anniversary of the Lighthouse with installation of the Ohio Historical marker on the Mile-long Pier Dock F