Improvements Made

Below is a list of improvements made to the Lorain Lighthouse by year.

Most of the improvements were made by a very dedicated group volunteers who work at the Lighthouse every Thursday during the summer months.

Most of the improvements were made with grant money and donations.


  • New roof on walkway outside of the lantern room (Materials donated by Tusing Builders)
  • Painted railings outside the lantern room  
  • Painted the attic floor
  • Installed a reproduction of the fog horn mechanisms located in the attic (Fog horn donated by Mike Zunich)
  • Installed new hand railings on the stairway leading to attic and basement
  • Sanded & painted the upper metal kitchen cabinet
  • Purchased new bunk bed for bedroom
  • Built a water tank in attic
  • Painted railings outside on the main deck
  • Added new security and WiFi system (Grant from Lorain Rotary Club Prucha fund)


  • Purchased and installed 20 new window shades
  • Brought the original electric generator to the Lighthouse from Riverside building
  • Replaced plaster at sights of water damage on all floors
  • Painted all rooms from the attic to the basement (grant from the Stocker Foundation)
  • Installed new LED light fixtures at the exterior of the Lighthouse
  • Purchased and installed new screen doors
  • Built a new wood cabinet with sink in kitchen
  • Refinished the doors on 2nd Floor
  • Painted the floors in bathroom and tool room
  • Relocated the compost toilet from tool room to original bathroom and improved the operation of the compost toilet
  • Replaced the shutter dogs,
  • Received & installed plaques from the National Register of Historical Places & Lorain County Landmark designation
  • Hosted the celebration for the 100th  anniversary of the Lighthouse with installation of the Ohio Historical marker on the Mile-long Pier Dock F